Transtar Translation Co., Ltd.


Transtar Translation Service Co., ltd. was founded in 1992 and is a government-registered company in Taipei County. Transtar provides services such as general translation, document processing as well as translation related to authentication, certification and notarization. Over the years, Transtar has accumulated solid and extensive experiences in language services and translation of all sorts. Our clientele spans from listed companies, small and middle businesses to individuals with specific demands for different language services. Our number of Clients has exceeded 4,500 so far. However, under consideration of confidentiality and privacy, we will not enumerate our Clients herein to protect the privacy and rights of our Clients.

Due to the timeliness and urgency with documents, our goal at Transtar is to serve our clients at a convenient location. Therefore, with the general distribution of industries and businesses in northern Taiwan, we have decided to set up Transtar in Xingzhuang City of Taipei County, a city where industries and businesses vibrantly flourish, so that we can provide prompt service for Clients in northern Taiwan. Transtar easily connects with National Freeways 1 and 3. Under normal circumstances, all Clients in the greater Taipei metropolitan area may receive direct consultation within 1 hour after contact. With Taiwan’s well-developed logistics service, cash flow, and information flow, you can get in touch with us with much convenience.

Here at Transtar, we have more than 100 full-time translators and over 2,000 part-time translators. In addition to our domestic translators, we also have professional foreign translators based in many foreign countries.?Among our domestic translators, most hold doctoral or master degrees, have studied overseas for several years, and are equipped with expertise in various professional fields. Therefore, Transtar not only provides custom-tailored one-on-one service for document translation, proofreading, delivery to interpretation, but we also deliver high-quality translation services. We maintain good interaction with Clients at all times and provide all-round solutions with multilingual difficulties when your company embraces globalization.



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