Transtar Translation Co., Ltd.


Some translation companies recklessly take on as many cases as possible to achieve more results, even though they do not have adequate qualified translators to assign to these tasks. Consequently, the quality of their translation is inconsistent, which has caused much disturbance to their Clients and in turn negatively affects the image of their Client’s company. Unlike those translation companies, Transtar is committed to every case with care and a sense of responsibility from the moment our Clients contact us.?We also strive to provide our Clients with the most competitive price and the best services professionally.

Transtar’s Principles:

※ Professionalism:

We select our translators carefully. We measure a translator’s translating ability and work ethics against the principle of professionalism before we decide to employ the translator. Those who pass the strict evaluation are all competent enough to assume great responsibility.

※ Responsibility:

Transtar takes full responsibility for every document we are entrusted with. We assure that our estimated word count and price are the most reasonable in the industry. We also try to meet our Clients’ demands as much as we possibly can.

※ Confidentiality:

Transtar stipulates the confidentiality principle regarding information and can prevent Client’s privacy and confidential documents from being leaked.?This is exactly why we do not make our list of clientele public on the website.

※ Punctuality:

Transtar accurately counts the number of words to be translated from the very beginning of the case, and establishes a reasonable procedure accordingly. We advise our Client the exact date of completion and never fail to meet the deadline.

※ Reasonable Price:

Transtar provides quotes for translation services according to the document’s word count, level of difficulty and level of required specialization.?Hence, Transtar makes every effort to provide an accurate word count, and only an accurate word count can guarantee a reasonable charge for our Clients. Indeed, reasonable prices in turn ensure quality translation.



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