Transtar Translation Service

Books & Videos

A brief description of books, video tapes, and the like, is as follows:

※ Books:

Whole / Part translations of novels from various countries, and professional books.

※ Cassettes:

Translation of commercial promotion, government policy propaganda, and cassettes.

※ Video Tapes:

Voice-over translation of feature films, documentaries, and short films of commercial promotions.


Voice-over translation of various digital films.

※ Movies:

Voice-over translation of foreign films.

※ Television:

Voice-over translation of serials and TV films.

※ Dubbing:

Dubbing for cassettes and video tapes.


Price Principle:

  • Translation of a book is charged according to the word count, number of pages, language type, level of typesetting difficulty, and the level of specialized documents.
  • Generally, translation of an audio or video document is charged by its length of time, language type, and the level of difficulty.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses from the process of translation, such as expenses at the recording studio, film studio and editing room, are to be paid additionally by the Client.

※ For a detailed quotation, please contact us directly.



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