Transtar Translation Co., Ltd.


With experiences and expertise in translation for over 10 years, Transtar specializes in translating texts in the following professional fields:

※ Science & Technologies:

Translation of documents in computer science, electronics, communication, mechanical engineering, mechanics, biology, physics, chemistry, civil engineering, water conservancy, automobiles, traffic, mathematics, environmental protection, etc.

※ Law & Business:

Translation of documents in law, patent, management, trade, tax, accounting, statistics, economics, finance, investment, etc.

※ Social Studies & Humanities:

Translation of documents in art, humanities, tourism, history, politics, sociology, religion, philosophy, psychology, education, geography, physical education, etc.

※ Pharmaceutics & Food:

Translation of documents in medicine, hygiene, food, plastic surgery, etc.

※ Miscellaneous:

Translation of documents in mass communication, agriculture, astronomy, etc.

Transtar translators are select professionals with outstanding language competence, or experienced translators/interpreters in various fields.?We assure you that our translation of your documents are both fluent and of professional quality.

Transtar assigns Client’s document to an appropriate translator with a background in relevant fields so as to guarantee the quality of translation.



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