Transtar Translation Service


Transtar Translation Co., Ltd. always provides professional and outstanding translation of business correspondences to cater to the Client’s needs. Our translation services help your company obtain great opportunities on your path to globalization.

※ Business Documents:

Translation of business letters, quotations, customer inquiries quote, orders, letters of credit, bills of lading, e-mails, meeting minutes, etc.

※ Advertising and Marketing Documents:

Translation of company introductions, presentations, posters, packages, brochures, advertising, catalogues, market investigation reports, etc.

※Legal Documents:

Translation of testimonies, warranties, authorities, contracts, patent documents, etc.

※Management Documents:

Translation of employee handbooks, table of statistics, plans, proposal schedules, ISO documents, business tax bills, balance sheets, statements of profit and loss, balance sheet returns, applications, schedules, etc.

※Technical Writings:

Translation of instruction leaflets, specifications, design drawings, project descriptions, test reports, technical manuals, etc.

※Webpage Translation:

Assisting Clients in creating multilingual websites, i.e. translating to foreign languages (globalization) and vice versa (localization).

※Software Translation:

Assisting software companies to produce software for multiple languages, i.e. translation for software globalization and localization.

※Bidding Documents:

Transtar provides prompt and accurate translation services so that Clients may secure a head start in bidding.

Price Principle:

  • Charged by each case: A separate cost is charged for each case. The price charged for a general business document is determined after considering its word count, number of pages, type of language, level of typesetting complexity, and level of specialization altogether.
  • Monthly Charge: We offer Clients a monthly charge where our most accommodating services include: the promptest delivery, highest level of confidentiality, most preferred rates, payments settled by the month, and business-related interpretation services on request. This option is your best choice since it provides your company a competent multilingual full-time secretary.

※ For a detailed quotation, please contact us directly.



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