Transtar Translation Service


Apart from providing a variety of document translation, Transtar especially enhances interpreting services to assist Clients on their path towards globalization. Our interpreting services create the best communication possible for Clients with our gracious and effective approach. Transtar takes care of all the language needs your company may have.

※ Escort Interpretation:

Business reception, exhibition, presentations of all kinds, prompt on-site seminar interpretations, etc.

※Telephone Interpretation:

Assisting you in liaising with Clients or foreign friends via the telephone for the promptest communication.

※ Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation for conferences or seminars.

※ Voice E-mails:

Translation and recording of digital emails stored in audio format.

Price Principle:

  • Interpretation is mainly charged by the hour with consideration of the type of language as well as the item to be interpreted. Miscellaneous expenses derived during the interpretation, such as transportation allowance, telephone fee, cost for materials, are to be paid by Employer.

※ For a detailed quotation, please contact us directly




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