Transtar Translation Service


To protect Client’s rights to confidentiality, Transtar processes documents entrusted by the Client for quotation or translation in accordance with the following principles:

※ Scope of Confidentiality:

Transtar defines the scope of data to be kept confidential as follows: Basic Client information such as name, telephone number and address; business project run by Client; data entrusted to Transtar by Client to be handled, or any matters related to Client’s rights to information confidentiality.

※ Quotation:

When the Client requests for a quotation via fax, e-mail or in person, and if the Client entrusts the document to Transtar for translation upon quotation, we shall proceed with the principles indicated below for safekeeping and destroying of the document. If Client decides not to entrust Transtar with the document, we will immediately return the Client’s document or destroy it right away according to the principle of confidentiality. We completely delete all relevant e-mails from our computer system, shred relevant papers and documents (including fax), fold or destroy the optical document (eg. CD, VCD, or DVD) to render it unreadable, or demagnetize/cut the magnetic document (eg. cassette or video tape) to preserve confidentiality.

※ In Process:

If Client entrusts the document to Transtar for translation upon comparison, we guarantee that the data will never leak to a third person besides the translator and relevant staff during the translation process.

※ After Completion:

After the entrusted document is translated by Transtar, it will be returned to the Client. Meanwhile, Transtar will file a copy of the document for 3 months in case the Client’s copy is damaged. However, the document is only to be kept for record purposes; Transtar is under no obligation for its safekeeping. Furthermore, such keeping does not include natural disasters and human errors beyond the control of Transtar, e.g. permanent damage to computer software or hardware by virus or hacker attacks.

※ Business dealings should proceed based on the principle of honesty and integrity. Should there be anything left out by the above provisions, please kindly advice.



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