Transtar Translation Co., Ltd.


Transtar provides translation services of authentication for immigration and of relevant documents for overseas study, along with translation and delegate services for relevant documents in inter-racial marriage. Detailed items are listed as follows:

※ copy of household register ※ marriage certificate ※ health checkup report ※ birth certificate ※ divorce agreement ※ diploma ※ school report card ※ military service certificate ※ license ※ tax bill ※ land ownership certificate ※ building ownership certificate ※ register of shareholders ※ company license ※ business tax bill ※ balance sheet ※ settlement return ※ identification card ※ certificate of employment ※ autobiography

Transtar provides delegate and translation services for all relevant documents during immigration application, inter-racial marriages, and other entrusted documents.

※ notary public ※ Ministry of Foreign Affairs ※ court ※ foreign consulates and offices accredited to Taiwan ※ certification by industry association

Price Rrinciple:

  • Translation of the above document is charged according to the word count, number of pages, type of language, level of typesetting complexity, and the level of specialized documents.
  • Notarization obtained in delegate service is charged by the case.
  • Standard fees in government agencies or consulates as well as travel expenses will need to be reimbursed by the Client.

※ For a detailed quotation, please contact us directly.



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